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At B Ascending, we make sure to give our students the utmost attention and dedication they deserve.

Check out what’s being said about us, and see how yoga can be life changing.

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Sukhi Kaur 

I came across Yoga Nidra through Instagram, for many months I was contemplating giving it go. I struggle with sleep and switching off from all external things. I had got to a point of desperation because even medication wasn’t helping, if it did, I was very displaced the following morning. I contacted Bal and explained that I suffered with complex PTSD and I was fearful I may disrupt the class.


Bal reassured me that she would support me throughout the yogic sleep. The class is online! And even though I was on mute my video was on so that Bal could keep her watchful eye on me. Bal guides you through the process, it is so calming, relaxing and yet I was still awake?! How?!


When the session finished, I went to bed and I managed to sleep for over 7 hours which was the first time in four years. The following morning, I felt refreshed, revitalised and ready to take on the world. I even shared a photo of my sleep record on the Fitbit to Bal and booked sessions for the rest of the month! Now I wait for Wednesdays to arrive because I know I am going to get my meditation on! And sleep as the reward!

Thank you Bal!

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Raj Kaur 

Bal is Yoga! I’ve never known anyone whom believes in yoga & shows up to it each day, every day like she does.

My journey with B Ascending started with yoga nidra - at what was a very dark & difficult point in my life.

I was gently invited to her first family & friends yoga nidra guided meditation session. That was Sunday 21st March 2021 - it changed my life as for the next 18 months and without fail every Sunday and Wednesday evening for 45mins, I showed up to her session. That’s testimony to her as a teacher - Bal holds sacred space so well, her soft voice & calm manner created a sanctuary where I felt safe to just let go, go within, release & heal what was often deeply held trauma. Again and again.

For those 45 mins each week, I committed to myself and my well-being in a way I’d never done before because I felt the immediate benefits both during the session itself and, in the days after. The days after a yoga nidra session were always better days of the week.

Yoga nidra has been instrumental in helping me manage a life time of anxiety, maintain a sense of mind calm & reach a deep state of physical / emotional relaxation.

Fast forward to today and I still use yoga nidra in the form of B Ascending YouTube videos - it is a part of my life and a life tool.

I highly recommend working with Bal, her sessions are well prepared, instructions are simple & clear with lots of follow-up support. She knows so much about yoga beyond yoga nidra and is always sharing her knowledge - a true yoga teacher is one for whom yoga is a way of life; it indeed is for Bal.

Thank you 🙏

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S. Cooper

Corporate Compliance Manager

When the country went into lock-down, I began to feel overwhelmed with adapting to the new way of working, together with queuing for food and restriction of movement. No long after, Bal began running fortnightly online 45 minute Yoga Nidra sessions on a Monday morning and so I went along. I have found the sessions well run and relaxing.


It is my time to reset from the weekend and focus on the week ahead. It would be easy to miss the sessions but I always put the time in the diary and value the break from the day to day routine that it gives me. After attending a few sessions I started to think more about how I could protect my mental wellbeing and so I now include a short Yogic practice in my morning routine.


I am pleased that my organisation considers mental health to be important, permitted these sessions and allowed staff to attend, as part of their working day. Working from home I usually find my dog joins me on the floor and she is often found to be asleep on her back at the end of the session.

In addition to the Yoga Nidra sessions, Bal regularly sends through wellbeing emails and thoughts which I find brighten up my day.

My team always comment when a Bal email has been received, she is very caring and seems to know just the right thing to send.”

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Warrior Two

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